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Amruth Pillai
Amruth Pillai

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Redesigned my Resume to get a Dark Mode, cause why should apps have all the fun! [Critique Please]

I think it's been a while since I had last designed my resume, the print version. It was around 2 years ago, and I was a completely different person back then. I've heard the saying, a resume is like a reflection of oneself, so if I'm bound to change, so should that nifty little document.

Hence, here's my latest resume, and like most apps on the interwebs, even it has caught the dark mode fever. I'm also finally moving away from the one-page resume to a three-page CV, with the cover letter. This may be a sign of growth? No idea, but it looks heavy!

Some things I focused on while making the resume, 1) make sure it can be parsed, 2) make sure it is easy to edit once you have a new field and 3) make sure looks GOOD! (and you can be the judge of that)

Screenshot of Figma Design Board

It was designed entirely from scratch in Figma, and I will be making the files open source so you can use the template to design your own resume, or even mix-match colors as well. Drop me your email address if interested and I'll share the file with you.

You can browse through the entire resume here:

Please feel free to leave any comments ;) I'm posting on so I can get some constructive criticism from people who have taken a lot of interviews already.

I'm currently scouting for a job in Berlin, Germany (looking to relocate), hence the new redesign and weekend exercise.

Thank you all so much!

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Ben Sinclair

Part of the reason people use PDFs for CVs and résumés is that they know they'll look the same when printed. People share around hard copies of CVs all the time. I think this looks nice, but isn't going to be any good if people want to print it out - especially on a tired office inkjet!

I prefer the idea of having it look dark on a website, but when you choose to print the site, the print stylesheet swaps colours to make it look good on paper.

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Amruth Pillai

Firstly, thank you so so much for the reply. It means a lot to me that you took the time to start the discussion. Your critique means a lot to me :)

So, when designing the resume, I tried printing it out on my home printer (HP LaserJet 1020) and it was pretty good, I went ahead with that belief, but you are right, I didn't think of the inkjet printers. Definitely there would be some quality degradation there.

As you saw the screenshot of Figma, I've made the entire template to be a mix-n-match style design, so I can easily swap out the background and foreground with few clicks, so thank you for your insight into dark-colored resumes.

I do like the idea of having dark mode website and being able to simply print the site and it would print out a bright version of the resume. Will definitely look into implementing that on my website as well. Thank you so much for that :)

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Good job. I like the black to white contrast.
Try to change the green header bar to a gradient where it fades a bit into transparent, instead of a solid green color. Maybe it will look better.