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How we grow a decentralised network

Senior Community Developer at the CENNZnet team. We build a blockchain platform that enables devs to build quality Decentralised Apps(DApps) fast.
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Growing something new when the market is dominated by an existing player is difficult. Here's an update on how we are doing :)

We are a startup building an open source decentralised network called CENNZnet. Our goal is to build the ideal platform for DApp(Decentralised Apps) developers. We make the benefits of blockchain approachable, and address the issues DApp developers are currently facing.

As a new blockchain network, we had to bootstrap the network by providing some nodes before we invite others to join. We started and maintain some nodes on AWS to give our network a kick start. Since we hadn't yet got a community of network participants, the original development team made all the decisions on the business logic of the network.

Then we encourage our users (DApp developers), as well as investors to join the network. When people contribute computational power to the network, they are rewarded with tokens. DApp developers also get the benefit of having a more reliable and faster connection by using a dedicated node for their DApps.

As we grow the participants of the network, we also continue to develop the technology and educate the network participants about blockchain, so that we can get to a fully decentralised stage where all network decisions are made by the community.

To learn more about our journey and plans, check out this article: Are we Decentralised yet?

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