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Aswin krishna
Aswin krishna

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Mac OS for the Web!

# v0.1

  • [x] Basic wallpaper
  • [x] Basic dock with its cool hovering animations
  • [x] Basic toolbar
  • [x] Everything to built with theme switching in mind


  • [x] Action center
  • [x] Light/Dark mode switcher
  • [x] Brightness slider(Not functional)
  • [x] Sound slider (Not functional)
    • [x] Wifi (Not functional)
    • [x] Bluetooth (Not functional)
    • [x] AirDrop (Not functional)
  • [x] Do not disturb (Not functional)
  • [x] Keyboard Brightness (Not functional)
  • [x] Screen Mirroring (Not functional)

MacOS Web


  • [x] Basic API for Menu Bar
  • [x] Menu bar, and menu items. Not necessarily functional
  • [x] Menu for Finder only (For now)


  • [x] Add the MacOS startup chime.
  • [x] Make windowing solution
  • [x] Add open/close trigger to apps(Dock included)
  • [x] Window should have traffic light buttons, with close, minimize, fullscreen buttons(functional)
  • [x] Show "Apps coming soon"


  • [ ] Clicking on unsupported apps in dock should show a window saying that this app isn’t available and list the available ones.
  • [ ] Make twitter a profile for Aswin


  • [ ] A wallpaper switcher app. Offers automatic day/light wallpapers too
  • [ ] Probably Safari. Uses Iframe and basic tabs functionality.
  • [ ] A text editor. Like VSCode or Notepad, haven’t thought ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  • All kinds of crazy apps like clock, weather, and much more. Would be great if community jumped in to make some of these apps.

Top comments (4)

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Richie Permana

This is so coooooool!! I should contribute more latter!

andrescampuzano profile image
Andres Campuzano Garzon

It's a really cool project

rsanath profile image
Ram Sanath Kumar

Thats so sick! How can I contribute?

anurag_vishwakarma profile image
Anurag Vishwakarma