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Functional Component in react⚛️

Hello guys,😀
Hope you are doing good!

In this tutorial 👩🏻‍💻 🔥 , we are going to learn about functional components in react.

Prerequisite: Javascript,JSX,ES6.

First, let us know about components.

❓. What is a component?
A component is a core building block of react.

There are two types of components:
1)Functional component
2)class component

let us take an example for each.
Class component

Functional component

Now we will dive into Functional components👩🏻‍💻.

> const n=<Component name="Ana" />;
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Inside a functional component, we are passing props as an argument of the function.

Alt Text

A functional component is an ES6 function.

❓ When do we use functional components?
1)when it receives prop and renders something.
2)when it doesn't have any state.

❓ Why functional components?
Ans: A functional component is written shorter and simpler. It doesn't use THIS unlike in class component.

Always prefer functional components over class components.😀

Functional component holds state using hooks. (react 16.8)

Let's us code now,

try these examples on a code editor.



I hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any doubts you can (google 😜) comment down below. I Will revert asap 👍.

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sudarshansb143 profile image

Nice Article !
But i want to suggest you two things

  1. You can ( and have to) destructure props and directly use them
  2. You must use to replicate components, instead of typing it several times.
anasooya2601 profile image

Glad you liked it.Thank you for the suggestion.😄