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How to get github username which is already taken ?

Do you have abrupt username in github because the one that matches your name is already taken ?
If you want to grab username of your choice in github, then keep reading :)

Github has a "Name squatting Policy" under which it allows users to claim a username if it is not active or dormant i.e. it has no activities since a long time and it obtained for purpose of reserving a name. So if your desired username is not in use since quite a long time, you can claim it by reporting it on github under their name squatting policy.
If you will be the lucky one, like I was, you shall get the username of your choice.
For this purpose, follow the steps below :
STEP 1 - Visit to the profile that is not in use and matches your requirements.
STEP 2 - Beside "Follow" button, there will be 3 dots "...", click on them and report the user.
STEP 3 - Select "Report spam" in category and describe your willingness to get that username. Also mention about "Name Squatting Policy" due to which you are reporting the user.

In most of the cases, github developer support replies within a couple of days. If it takes longer than a week, you can revert them back with your request.

In case of any doubts, you can always get in touch with me :
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