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Andy Hopwood
Andy Hopwood

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Learning Xojo - episode 1

I recently starting working for a company who have decided to migrate their platform, bit by bit into Xojo from a Node/React platform.

Those of you who have never heard of Xojo, It's a cross platform development environment that ports out to Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and IOS.

if you want to know more go have a read yourself at

The visual dilemma

When writing a web application, I at least expect to write some HTML and CSS. With Xojo this is not the case. When you download Xojo it comes with it's own editor. The editor has a WYSIWYG editor. So all the UX is done with drag and drop and styling is achieved by clicking buttons and adjusting sliders. you'll see what I mean by that when I start to show you screen shots.

Coding in Xojo forget the semi-colon

When I first started learning how to code, one of the first languages I started with was Visual Basic. But I quickly changed to C# never expecting to ever really use the VB syntax ever again! well...How wrong was I??

The Xojo coding syntax is pretty much and exact copy of VB. Adding click code is done in the same way as visual studio. You double click an Element in your designer and it opens up an event handler in a code editor. This reminds of using the VBA Editor in Excel too.

The point of this blog series

I'm hoping to document my learning process as I go. I'll make a real life application and share the journey on here. Hopefully it'll be fun for all!!

orrrrrrr.....I'll make an ass of myself.

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Scott Julian

Andy, I'm interested in reading about the journey.

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