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Nevertheless, Andrea Kim Coded

I began learning to code in May of 2016.

I did this to change my future, to stabilize and increase my income, and to prove that my mind is still sharp. Of course, I don't mind that it also made my daughters very proud of me. I also hope that learning these skills will enable me to build impactful, helpful things.

I made big sacrifices in order to make this transition.

I closed my small business of 11 years, enrolled in a coding boot camp, and ignored my children for 12 weeks. (It's ok, they were already 15 and 21 and supported my efforts.)

I battle imposter syndrome daily.

Even so, I will keep learning until the day I can look in the mirror and see an expert developer. Until then, I will make my brain keep working and creating new neural pathways. Learning to code takes consistency, patience, and practice. Once I get to that point, I will learn even more - and teach others.

I want to be someone that girls and young women can look up to.

I want to encourage girls and women who want to learn to code to just go for it. There is never a "perfect" time to do anything. You just have to decide, and follow through with action. Start small and be consistent.

Don't give up

... at least not unless it is what you really want to do - not because anyone tells you that you can't or shouldn't. It is your future and your choice.

My advice for allies

To support women who code, never doubt them (or at least never show it!) Encourage them to keep practicing and help them build confidence. Enable them to continue to code by helping them find the time for learning.

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Kim Arnett 

Yay! Another mobile dev & mom! Love that you got the support you needed to finish your bootcamp and get started on a new path! Do you have any blog posts about making the transition?

I organize a group (for women, but welcome everyone) and we have quite a few career-changers I think your story would really benefit :)

Thanks for sharing

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Andrea Kim

Yes, in fact, I have a "blog" on Medium.