Building an React Native movies quiz app

andreasbergqvist profile image Andreas Bergqvist Updated on ・1 min read

UPDATE 2019-06-27
The app is released! Check it out on https://ilovemoviez.com
Still, feel free to ask us anything regarding the development!

Today, at itiden (www.itiden.se) we are taking all (about 10) developers to together build app React Native app.

Hopefully we will be able to post it to the stores last thing today, but of course, the Apple process might take a while.

It's an online movies quiz app called I Love Moviez.

The back-end is being built with Node.js using Adonis.js.
For the React Native app we are using Typescript, React Navigation, Mobx and Styled Components. Deployed with Microsoft App Center.

Feel free to ask anything during the day!

We will also post updates to:


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Super cool! I'm learning React Native and it's been a lot of fun.

This is the first time I've heard of Adonis.js. I'd love to hear more about it though.

How did you decide to use it and what do you like about it?


The main reason for using node was that I wanted to use websockets for connection between the app and backend. And that where some nice packages for fetching content to auto-generate lots of questions.

I've heard about Adonis that it would be similar to Laravel (PHP) and since I'm used to write code with Laravel it seemed worth checking out!


Ah gotcha. I guess I'm just used to only seeing Express.js used with Node on the backend but it's cool to see other frameworks with Adonis. I haven't worked much with websockets but if it works well with Adonis, I might have to check it out.

Thanks for sharing!


Hey there!
This project looks amazing, and I was wondering if there were any way to have a look at the code... I could not find anything on your github, i would understand if this code is not shared anywhere!


Sorry, no source code in public.