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André Hatlo-Johansen
André Hatlo-Johansen

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Developer || Slave

Grinding gears as a developer.

I've always wanted to know and build, ever since i was a child and first heard about a kid that built the web based game Mafia back in the late 90's using Javascript.

You have a motivation behind the actual part of you that is dreaming for the ultimate lego game, which in turn created me as a developer.

Now i can create and build WHATEVER I WANT! But most of the time that is not the case. Since development is a group based activity, because of bad libraries/code and novice examples that explain nothing but the basis of how you use them and hours of googling to find hacks. Making a developer slave away on his keyboard for hours on end, trying to create something he or she has baked in their mind.

Nothing is as tedious as banging your head on a keyboard, not getting the results you want when building your ultimate lego project.

This is when the burn in burnout starts as in a developer, pushing him self to the brink of madness trying to achieve something, anything which can show that he actually can call himself a developer.

Going through project on project from create-react-app to create-eth-app to create-next-app and just so much libraries to choose both to fetch data and to format data a developer, its like being a whole marathon at once only to be standing still on a treadmill, gliding into a public repo Narnia hell just hoping to complete something so simple set in their mind.

This is my take on developing personal projects. This is why i give up my personal projects and will be giving the job market another chance to shine light where i need it.

Give me a job which has a flexible work hours where i can focus my hours on work rather than hours on pay.

Give me a job that has both in house and remote options.

Give me a job which is innovating, creative and where you have the freedom to take a nap if your head is on fire.

We are all biological machines, we need sun, air, freedom and good food to create optimal code.

Code comes from the mind, where both freedom and curiosity lives.

Give your peers the freedom to take your software to new highs, because the freedom we have is the freedom we make.

Strict rules results in shitty and tightly bound spagetti code, drop mic.

And give all your developers MAC's and nothing else.

The workflow is like the natural thought process, easy and exciting at the same time.

Your very best the create engine-ere - André

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