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ActionChat to spread positive energy and motivation!

andrewsverdrup profile image Andrew Sverdrup ・1 min read

What I built

ActionChat is an iOS and Android chat app that specializes in spreading positive energy! Its easy to use. Simply select a time to chat and at that time your chat window will open for five minutes. Spread and receive as many positive messages as possible in those five minutes.

The intended use for this app is to set it for a time in the morning just after you wake up. Then you get access to the chat for five minutes and get flooded with positive energy to help you start your day off right! So what are you waiting for? Download ActionChat today! Special shoutout to Pusher for powering the chat functionality with their awesome Channels API!

Demo Link

This app is published on Expo. Download their client app to run any expo app on your phone. The link to ActiveChat is:

Link to Code

The code is located on GitHub here:

Tech stack

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Andrew Sverdrup Author

Note: The demo instructions above only work for an Android device. If you don't have an Android device, but would still like to demo it, go to the same demo link above and click "Open project in the browser" on the right hand side under the QR code, then select "Open Project" (you do not need to enter an code. Then in the device simulator that opens, choose either browser and it will load the page. Scroll down and click the button that says "Open Project Using Expo". Then test it out!

Unfortunately you can't do much with the app in the PM other than set a time to chat. You'll have to wait till the AM to play around with it. I will add some gifs to the GitHub page to show it in action!

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Andrew Sverdrup Author

Here's the demo gif:
Demo app GIF

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