What do you do while you code?

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‪I constantly find myself needing to watch #political debates or #documentaries while coding. Maybe not to watch it constantly but to have the background noise as well.‬

‪ ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾‬
‪Am I the only one that does this???‬

If so what do you do while working?

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The moment i get to the office, i put my headphones on, while i dont listen to anything 80% of the time, it is just to block out the outside noise (people talking over the phone, or hearing their steps), and when i listen to anything, i mainly listen to podcasts or play some rain/thunder sounds which i find relaxing while working, anything to block out the noise here at the office.


I find myself playing with my hair in-between bursts of keystrokes. Especially when the reflection in the monitor is just right, but I imagine that's more of a girl thing. 👧


Definitely not just a girl thing 😄 - men with beards 👍


Hey I do it too so I don’t think so... we’ll i don’t look in the mirror my daughter does that enough for me lol


I work in an open space office and I've been lately in a lead position. This means from time to time people approach to me to ask questions or just to talk.

As I face this kind of distraction frequently, I decided not to listen to music while at work. This way I don't need to put off my earphones anytime someone speaks to me 😆

Of course, sometimes I listen to music or podcasts but I mainly do not.


I typically listen to music, mostly movie and video game scores. Really helps me focus.


Listen to Techno and Synthwave music, perfect boost to productivity!


I listen to classic alternative music and drink coffee.


I don’t do coffee too much anymore because it makes me poooiooo.....


I twirl my pen or solve my rubik cube on my desk!


Can you twirl through all fingers? I started with a coin when I was younger and saw “Two Face” do it.


While learning coding some sometimes, I put pandora on through the headphones.

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