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Paper digest of the week: The UNIX Operating System

Hello! This is the first digest of the research papers I've read and written a small summary about.

I will not be posting the digests here, this is just an announcement.

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The first is “The UNIX Time-Sharing System”, a paper published in 1974 by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson presenting the main aspects of the UNIX Operating System with its file system, I/O operations, process synchronization, and the shell implementation.


10 years later Dennis M. Ritchie publishes “The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System” describing the UNIX file system, the process-control mechanism, and the idea of pipelined commands. This paper also presents the social events that influenced the system’s evolution.

An interesting fact that you might not be aware of, is that Dennis M. Ritchie is the guy who created the C programming language. In both these papers, you can see his contributions to UNIX, and the moment when the UNIX team decided to rewrite its assembler using Clang.

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