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Andrzej Chmura
Andrzej Chmura

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How much do you care about the office space you work in?

Now, that most of us are working from home, I've started thinking about the different office spaces I've had the opportunity to work in. I've already experienced a couple of different setups, including:

  • low-budget hacker-oriented office without a proper social space;
  • fancy 4-6 people rooms with nice equipment and cool social space;
  • huge, noisy open-space with people from different departments, doing different things;
  • my own room, while working 100% remotely;

A couple of weeks ago, one of my managers said: 'why care about the office, it's just another sad place, like every other workplace'. It struck me. I don't agree with that sentence at all. For me, working in different spaces resulted in much different energy and motivation levels, while also directly affecting my ability to stay focused.

And you? How much do you care about a nice office space?

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José Coelho

Wow, if my manager said that to me I would start looking for a new job immediately!

I care a lot about my office, sometimes too much.
For me, it’s a big influence on my motivation and productivity.
And if my manager doesn’t care that’s an issue for me.

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Paweł Kowalski • Edited

I cared enough to not work from any office for the past couple of years and dont consider non-remote work anymore, at all. Constant distractions, commute, anxiety, it all adds up to half of the day wasted, every day.

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Ben Halpern

I spend a lot of time in the space I do my work (For me it's my home office, of course is now much more common at least temporarily).

I agree with the sentiment on some level that it is okay for elements of your work environment or routine to be less than desirable. Nobody likes everything about their jobs, but if something can be better, there is no reason in settling for something less on purpose.

zzayn77 profile image

For me, my working space is important. Even when I work from home, I need to have a work corner, where I can concentrate, because my productivity depends. Also, I care a lot about the equipment I have and use, and it's essential for me. When I started working from home, I wanted to recreate the office and bought all the equipment I needed. I am interested here is the site where I purchased floor-standing rack cabinets with high quality. There are a lot of them to choose from.

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Alex Sarafian

Last two years I've experienced terrible work places. Equipment like desks and chairs are sorry important. Density is also a big problem. Equipment like TV, smart boards but also laptops are also incredible important for productivity. It also matters for the workspace to be well maintained and have a healthy temperature.

At the end of the day, all the above are great indicators of the perception and importance of it within an organisation.

I work at an airline and I've never in my life experienced such a bad environment. Not that the rest of the building is super but the itv part is exceptionally bad.

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Sean Allin Newell

I work better with a clean desk, and having natural light and space to pace.