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What kinds of coding outside your "main" area of expertise are you excited about lately?

andyhaskell profile image &y H. Golang (he/him) ・1 min read

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Kyle Nickel

I’ve been tinkering with Rust for about a month now. So far, I really like it. I do Ruby during the day, so it’s a pretty big, and nice, change of pace.

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Adam Brandizzi

I went into a rabbit hole of interpreters implementation with And inside it I felm into the deeper rabbit hole of implementing malloc()! Fascinating stuff 😊

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Jonathan Kuhl

I have a few pages worth of a programming language idea written in mark down. Maybe I'll go play with this site and eventually implement that language.

Side note, it's an amalgamation of Java and Typescript with some Pythonesque details thrown in (: But I know little about writing compilers/interpreters and nothing about writing assembly so it'll be years if I ever actually make the dumb thing.

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Adam Brandizzi

Hey Jonathan! I believe you would love to check the link I've posted! It is a free book on how to implement interpreters. It's deep and yet clear, I guess you'd love it then!

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Bobby • Edited

I am going to use Svelte on my next web project, and it have been really fun to learn. Long time since I’ve had so much joy in programming. I write this since I normally develop backend solutions in C#.

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Steve Belovarich


I just managed to get up and running with a "Hello World" Cocoa app. Now time to buckle down and get my learn on with some tutorials and then code an app that will be useful for front end web developers in MacOS. All the Apple Developer tutorials are focused on iOS though 🤷‍♂️. It may take me the entire summer working on it off and on in between other projects to get it right, but hopefully by the time of 10.15 release I'll have my first app deployed to the App Store!

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Ben Halpern

I played around with Flutter and liked it. I that it wasn’t quite mature enough for my use cases at the time, but I’m excited to give it another spin sometime.

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Rudolf Olah

Machine Learning with Scikit Learn and learning Numpy/Pandas. It's nice to hack in Python rather than Ruby (day job) and JavaScript (other side projects).

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&y H. Golang (he/him) Author

I'm curious about ML/AI too! Also picking up the underlying linear algebra for it, and really think computer vision would be cool

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Leonardo Teteo

I have been excited about everything related to NodeJS, principally Nest, TypeScript and React Native.

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Harsh Shandilya

I'm learning to make Kotlin-based applications outside the Android domain :)

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I'm excited to try web assembly. Probably with Rust. Which are both going to be pretty new compared to my normal full stack JS

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Charles Josephs

As a full-stack C# dev, I've been tinkering with F# for the past few weeks and I love it.

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Pentesting and it's tools both software and hardware!