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Check Out My Roda Starter Pack

May the source be with you... Fork Me.

I'll keep this post relatively brief.

A few months ago I discussed how Rails alternatives need to be emphasized in the Ruby community. While COVID lockdown hasn't been my wellspring of inspiration, I have worked on this stack that I believe can push the needle on more DIY Ruby stacks.

Please note that the stack is inspired by Rails and even includes ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, and Turbolinks. But it is a take-as-you-need approach that won't likely end up with a 250+ line Gemfile.lock.

In my stack, Vue and Bulma quarterback the frontend, and a Vue component corresponds with each action and erb template. The backend sports full MVC architecture, Sidekiq jobs, and better extensions of Roda with a few extra convenience methods (i.e. to render json and display validation errors).

So with the above repo, user CRUD and forgot password flows come for free. I'll be using it for my next side project, and once that's in a good state I'll post that on here as well. Let's get some more DIY stacks out there!

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