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Hi Everyone, I'm Angelique, I finished bootcamp(full stack web development)about a year ago. Im having trouble with JS and hoping someone can recommend a link or any advise. I do have enough experience creating websites, worked with Github, heroku, Id, Xd, Sketch, HTML, CSS and backend - Ruby/Rails. Im also looking for an intership in New York. Looking forward to chatting with all of you.


Hi Angelique. Have you used freeCodeCamp? I found their challenges really useful in levelling up my JS skills.


I heard about it, but havnt tried. Will look at it now. Thanks!!!

If you would like to do a complete course on Javascript, Codecademy is a good place to begin with. They have a task-based learning system. They make you implement every concept you learn before moving on to next one. It really helps in understanding the concepts.


Hi, Angelique!

Wes Bos has a fantastic short piece on javascript with 30 little projects to show you how it works. It's called javascript30.


Yeah check out @wesbos ' JavaScript30.com. He also has a great free course thanks to Mozilla on CSS Grid. Check out cssgrid.io. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, Wes and Scott "El Toro Loco" Tolinski have a great one called Syntax. And lastly, he did an AMA on dev.to a while back that might interest you.

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