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3 ways to code Rock, Paper and Scissors in JavaScript (beginner, intermediate and advanced approach)

In this video I show you how to code Rock paper Scissors in JavaScript in not just one approach, but 3 different approaches.

I am doing this to show you just some of the ways you can solve one problem using JavaScript. I will be using a more beginner approach to start off with, and move onto more intermediate and advanced approaches.

This is a JavaScript tutorial so there will be no styling in this tutorial. That part is totally up to you :)

Please do share your finished games with me, I would absolutely love to see what you have made and how you have chosen to style your games!

00:00​ Introduction
01:18​ Beginner Rock Paper Scissors
17:28​ Intermediate Rock Paper Scissors
32:45​ Advanced Rock Paper Scissors

You can find the code for all three games here:

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Nick Taylor

Great stuff Ania! I really enjoyed the premiere on YouTube today. Looking forward to your next video! 😎