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I built a Tik Tok App with a REAL Database (video)

I show you how to build an App on the database used by Apple, Spotify, Netflix, Ebay and so many more. This video's aim is to teach you how to use databases with apps in a simple and easy way. A prior knowledge of React is the only thing you will be needing to start this tutorial!

Useful links:

I have built this app using:

Video Content:
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (03:05) Creating our Database on DataStax
⌨️ (06:52) Setting up our App
⌨️ (12:37) Routing Pages
⌨️ (18:02) Creating Components
⌨️ (28:32) Introduction to Data with Netlify and Stargate
⌨️ (30:10) Introduction to using the astrajs/collections
⌨️ (34:01) Posting data to our Database (creating dummy Tik Tok posts)
⌨️ (34:01) Adding authorization to access our Database
⌨️ (43:10) Getting data from our Database (getting all our Tik Tok posts)
⌨️ (50:32) Viewing all our Data
⌨️ (51:56) Rendering components based on our Data
⌨️ (01:17:01) Editing our Data (following/unfollowing a user)
⌨️ (01:32:57) Adding new Data to our Database (creating a Tik Tok post)

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tiktok #react #datastax #netlify #stargate

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thekooldev1232 profile image

amazing content, keep it up. Also appreciate your hard work in this space

pieterhumphrey profile image
Pieter Humphrey

Was taking care of security part of your design? Any specific API's used?