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Need Help To make Vedio Stream App using MERN stack

I am going to build a video streaming app which is going to quite similar to twitch 's live stream or youtube 's live stream with live chat also. It is going to be app on top of react-native . The stack I am going to use is

Node.js - for server and the stream

React-Native - for front-end

MongoDB - for notifications and all

webRTC - dont know it will help cause never used it but have to learn this as recommended by many

And now I think this is enough but by problems are

How the video from the front-end will go to node.js and then server will broadcast it at an link which users can use to watch
how the comment will reflect to this link
Am I going to need any third party apis like twilio or pusher for this

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Drey Millena • Edited

how was it? what's the status of this project?