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Web3? What's the hype all about?

Web3 is everywhere but no one really knows what is it.
All the hype about Nft's, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies are all part of web3. It' just a next version of the internet.

The Web3 is a Backend Revolution.

If you think in terms of Code then it's different. Web3 is a collection of javascript libraries that let's you interact with an ethereum node remotely or locally.
If you don't know about ethereum, I'll link the ethereum whitepaper below. Also, I'll link a article about the difference between Web2 and Web3. You'll have a better understanding after that.

⟠ Ethereum-Whitepaper
Web2 vs Web3

Think in terms of something which is completely based on internet and also decentralized(having no central authority). That's Web3.
Here, people don't access the internet through Facebook, Instagram or whatever but instead individuals themselves who own and control pieces of the internet. DeFi which is decentralized finance is an element of Web3 which is getting a lot of attraction these days. Basically, it is financial transactions on the blockchain without assistance from the banks or the government. For example, DAO's or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations use tokens to make ownership and decision-making powers more equitable. It is also a safe place to commit funds to a specific cause. Also, Web3 is almost entirely open source. You can make tons of contributions in this space and meet like minded people like you.

You can also mint an NFT using just 10 lines of python code

Python Code to mint a nft

Making money in Web 3.0 is not that hard

  1. You can sell your article as an nft.
  2. Take part in various giveaways.
  3. Help newbies in the web 3.0 space and grow your community.
  4. Learn as much as possible but implement the knowledge too by writing articles and Blogs.
  5. Learn to code in solidity or Javascript and make projects which will help in making your profile standout.

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Browsers will start shipping with it. Brave already does. Even if it's just using it to authenticate vs mom's bad password it's worth it already.

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Aniketh Paul

Nope. We are talking about the tech here. Blockchain has so many use cases which can change the entire scenario of how tech is working now. Crypto is something which is build on Blockchain. Crypto may not be the future but blockchain is. Tons of mnc's has already started researching about blockchain in deep which will result in acceptance in coming 10 years.