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Looking for Feedback - Personal Portfolio

Hey, Dev Community!

All of you are awesome developers, and I must take advantage of that to ask, humbly, that you review my portfolio page. Please feel free to go all-out with your feedback - I want to know what you like, and especially what you don't like.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi Anirudh,

I got my undergrad at a design school and we did critiques on every project every student did in almost every class I took. I don't believe that pointing out positives do you much good so I wont, but I will say there are a lot of them so I hope this isn't discouraging.

  • The black background is TOO black - try out some charcoals and see what you think.
  • I don't like that after navigating to the portfolio page I have to click a button to load the portfolio - it should just be there
  • I find it somewhat difficult that the contact form is inside a scrollable window - I'm viewing on a macbook pro and I had to scroll. There is room for the whole form to fit in my viewable window
  • I would consider adding short excerpts from each blog post under each title to make this page more robust

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Baisden

I took a look its not that bad but theres areas you can improve on.

  1. Not sure you really need those "#" tags next to the link I think it changes the spacing
  2. I think some of your pages are not aligned in the centre properly because they seem to move around
  3. You can probably get rid of those .html link extensions in the browser when you go to a page. I believe that your pages still work without them.
  4. You should not need a button to load the portfolio thats one more click action better to just let it load on the page automatically.
  5. Contact form with scroll bars does not look great. Its not centred and you have to scroll to see the content thats bad for user experience.
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krishna kakade

good but loading time is more

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Louis Low

Could be improved, need some intense UI redesign, maybe typography only design... Good job.

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Narasimha Prasanna HN

Simple and minimalistic! Great 👌