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The best youtube channels for Developers/Designers

Here are some of the best channels one could ask for in youtube that would help you save hours of research and simple yet interesting facts and explanations to digest heavy concepts. It will be a large list based on different areas of interests.

Front End Developer / Javascript/ Node

  1. Academind , He explains javascript(angular, react, vue, backbone, node js, webpack, bootstrap) html css firebase aws in brief effective manner. Heavy concepts can be easily grasped. Great channel
  2. Traversy Media Always upto date and wonderful working samples and simple project ideas with good looking UI. Again all major frameworks covered. A big plus point is that he has a list of crash course that will help you get started quickly(single videos of 30mins or longer)
  3. Net Ninja Good details on React, Redux, Angular, Graphql, Jquery, html,css saas, Mongodb, Oauth, jwt, sockets and so on.
  4. LearnCode.Academy Could be effective for some
  5. FreeCodeCamp Long videos but it covers almost every aspect of development FULL stack development
  6. Codedamn For React Native developers & Ionic developers/ Javascript node js
  7. Unsure Programmer — Greate tutorials on building react native clone of uber, airbnb, amazon, inshorts, and so on
  8. Programming with Mosh — Basic tutorials for node js , javascript, react, angular, xamarin.

Java + Backend Development

  1. Telusko I strongly recommend these tutorials. He covers everything one need to know about java. OOP, basics, spring, kotlin,servlet, jsp, datastructurs and so on.
  2. Java brains Best place to learn Spring
  3. Learning Journal Kafka, spark, scala and so on
  4. Tech Primers Good for java, kafka, spring, microservice, websocket developers

System Design + Datastructure

  1. Tushar roy Covers large number of programming concepts like datastructures, dynamic programming, sytstem design in depth
  2. Gaurav Sen Great place to learn system Design, you get the broad picture
  3. Hackerrank Simple steps to begin with problem solving and algorithms

Machine Learning / Datascience/ AI

  1. Siraj Raval Covers large number of topics from machine learning, AI, statistics, tools to be used and sample codes. Very interactive and fun.
  2. SentDex Covers Python, Machine learning in detail, Natural language processing step by step (tensorflow, nltk, matplotlib, pygames, pandas, flask)
  3. Coding Train Fun videos to watch and learn machine learning using javascript. Image processing, tracking, object classification,bots, websockets. With demos and code samples

Some generic but very useful channels

  1. New Boston
    A whole range of tutorials — python, java, javascript, node js , react, full
    stack development, python gaming,php, git, linux, django, android,

  2. Sunny’s Classroom
    For networking and cryptography

Thats it, Thats the list of my favourite channels. I think it should benefit anyone who is looking for starting on different project or wanting to try out new ideas or keep up with new tech.

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