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4 benefits of Arch Linux

Hi! At the moment I have an Arch and Manjaro dual boot. What are the benefits of using Arch?

  1. You get a rolling release, meaning updates are constantly integrated into your current OS, there is no overwriting of an Arch v.1 with an Arch v.2. So you always have the latest software instantly (which can be also a disadvantage when there are still bugs)

  2. You can make use of the Arch Wiki which is an excellent resource and sometimes also looked at by users of other distros.

  3. You will learn a lot by building your own system from scratch.

  4. You know whats on your system meaning there is nothing installed at the start that needs to be removed.

If you want a more chilled start into an Arch based distro, you could try Manjaro. Also I dont recommend Arch Linux for beginners, because you need to put a bit of work into it which is easier with some Linux experience. What do you like about Arch? Have a nice day. :)

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Karan Gandhi

The memes

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Andrei Jiroh Halili

uh oh

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Karan Gandhi


Thread Thread
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Ryan C.

It's only Cuda that's broken. If only Nvidia was more open source friendly.

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Senichi • Edited

Hi Anja! Awesome review. I'm quite convinced to change my dev environment to Arch, first because I came from windows and I'm feeling I need more, second because of my manager recommend it. I have some experience with Ubuntu, developing WordPress under Lamp and Android under AndroidStudio. Now I'm under WSL with Ubuntu with Docker Mongo and React. I always work with default configuration for Ubuntu, I'm not fully understand why having everything at custom it's something awesome. But I will definitely try Arch through Anarchy after configure it a couple of time in a virtual machine for practice.

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Zeeshan Ahmad

BTW, I use Arch

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Brighton Saldaña

I love the Wiki

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  1. Power of AUR