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5 tips to succeed at your new job or internship

So you got your first internship or job and want to make sure you keep it? Here are some tips which help you with that:

  1. Ask all the questions. Its very normal that at the beginning you will have a lot of questions. If you cant google them easily, collect them, ask a colleague if she/he has time and go through them.

  2. Take initiative. Be proactive, ask for tasks and feedback and bring in your own ideas.

  3. Get organized. Find a way to make sure you have some structure in how you are working and set reminders for meetings and deadlines.

  4. Break down big tasks. Sometimes we face complex problems. Break them down and make sure you understand them and possibly discuss them with your colleagues. Create a to-do-list for that task so you dont get lost.

  5. Depending on your character type: either push yourself or relax. Make sure you give your best but at the same time dont overwork yourself, take care of your health! My first job as a lawyer ended in a burnout because I overworked myself, and thats not helping anyone.

Which tips for a new job or internship do you want to share? Have a nice day. 🙂

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