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100DaysOfCode - Finally taking the challenge πŸ’ͺ

A few days late, but I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new year 2020! πŸŽ‰ New year, new plans, new challenges: one of mine is to finally starting #100DaysOfCode challenge (what I wanted to do for years, but always thought it wasn't the best time to begin).

I already earn my money as freelance frontend developer, so you might think, what the heck does she want to learn? Ooooh, as a developer there is ALWAYS something to learn or get better in.

My three main goals

So there a three main things I want to spent my time with: CSS, Vanilla Javascript and the Vue.js Framework. Let me explain a little bit in detail. Okay, this part I am actually writing primarily for me, not for you, my lovely readers πŸ˜„ One important part of taking this challenge is to formulate its goals. So, here it is.

#1 - Level my CSS from advanced to expert πŸš€

Well, CSS is accompanying me since I started learning basic web technologies back in my computer science studies, around 8 years ago. Damn! Wow! Shit! Woohooo! Sorry, guys. That just shook me myself... This doesn't just mean I am old, but I gained a deep understanding of CSS and how it works over the years. Nevertheless, I still don't know everything about it. There are still unknown corners of possibilities to me. So I want to take my CSS skills to the next level: from advanced to expert. Some day, I want to call myself a CSS guru.

The part I want to focus on in this challenge is drawing and animating CSS shapes. I am fascinated about the crazy possibilities CSS is giving us. During my daily business of building websites and web apps, unhappily I rarely have to do with this fun part of CSS. But I want to learn this skill. I do it just for me. Yeah.

You may think writing CSS is not coding. You are right. But in my opinion, CSS has become a powerful "language" over the last years, sometimes even replacing the need for Javascript. So it should get the chance to be a part of a coding challenge :)

#2 - Improving my Vanilla JS skills 🌟

Unfortunately my Vanilla JS skills has been somewhat forgotten. I want to refresh my basic knowledge, spicing it up with some neat ES6 features and top it with state of the art coding paradigmns and patterns. Even if there are plenty of frameworks out there, making life easier, it is important to know the basics and how these frameworks are working under the hood.

At the moment, I cannot say what parts of Javascript I will work with. But my goal is to build maybe 5 little web applications, using the most important concepts of JS to train using it in real world projects. And at the same time, I can use these for my portfolio.

#3 - Master my beloved Vue.js framework πŸ’™

Around two years ago, I stumpled over Vue.js - and fell in love! Since then, this easy and fun to use, leightweight JS Framework grew its community and fame level. Today, together with Angular.js and React it belongs to the most famous JS frameworks. I implemented a few smaller web projects with it, uncluding building a static website using Nuxt.js. But like the CSS thing, in daily business I did not had the time to dive as deep, as I wanted to. That is why this challenge is my chance to do so.

My goal is to get to know Vue better and get the skill to use it as one of my main tools for building web stuff. And maybe get a job as Vue developer. Similar to the Vanilla JS thing, I like to build 5 nice and small applications. Maybe I take one or two of the vanilla written ones and turn it into a Vue app. Let's see.

Putting it all together (+ my individual rules)

I know, these are many goals. Maybe too many. Especially because I am a mom of two little girls, including a mini baby, what reduces my time to code to a minimum. But I want it.

I try to spent at least 30 minutes a day, but the regular challenge rules say one hour minimum. Maybe there will be some days, when motherhood will take all my time and energy. But I will go on and add the lost days at the end of the challenge. And I hope you guys will forgive me.

In addition, I prioritize my goals. The most important ones are skilling Javascript and Vue. The CSS part is more personal fun stuff, so I will concentrate on the other two.

I will push my projects to my #100DaysOfCode GitHub repo. I think the CSS stuff I will put on CodePen.

Follow my progress

Of course #100DaysOfCode is a public community challenge thing. So I am going to keep you up to date with my progress on my social media channels on Twitter and Instagram, mainly Twitter. Feel free to follow me.

Maybe there will be a post here from time to time. To sum up stuff. Or so πŸ˜„Okayyyy, enough with planning und empty words: let's get into action and start coding! πŸ¦„πŸ’»

Well, tomorrow..😏

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