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How I cleared AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Recently I successfully passed my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam. Here, I want to share my experiences, so you can judge better on why you should go for the certification, and how to prepare.

I got the opportunity to write the test through SheBuilds-CloudU program run by AWS. It's an eight week self paced learning program with a very supportive and positive community of mentors and participants from all around the world. I would definitely recommend it to females trying to explore cloud.
To know more:

About the certification

It gives you exposure to cloud fluency, foundational AWS knowledge and tests your basic knowledge of AWS platform.

The preparation

Overall, I had eight weeks from when I signed-up – to the day of the exam. This was clearly more than enough time to prepare. If you're a student like me, who has other commitments as well and whose only purpose is to clear the exam then a week of studying is enough. Nonetheless if you want to gain more exposure and knowledge, then you can avail hands-on-lab tutorials and explore AWS a lot more.

  1. To get a raw idea about the exam and to get started, visit:
  2. provides you with exam guides and sample questions which gives the idea about areas of focus in the exam.
  3. is a free digital course provided by AWS to help clear your exam.

According to me reading AWS whitepapers, FAQ and practicing sample questions make clearing the exam easier.

Some of the free resources-

AWS Whitepapers & Guides

AWS Exam Preparation Overview

Practice exam

Hope it helps!!!

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