What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT) Meaning & Definition

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What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT) Meaning & Definition

What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT) How It Works
The Internet of Things or iot is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react to the way we behave. From air conditioners that you can control with your smartphone to Smart Cars providing the shortest route or your Smartwatch which is tracking your daily activities. IoT is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. It's all done using sensors, sensors are embedded in every physical device.

It can be your mobile phone, electrical appliances Pecos barcode sensors traffic lights, and almost everything that you come across in day-to-day life. These sensors continuously emit data about the working state of the devices, but the important question is how do they share this huge amount of data, And how do we put this data to our benefit iot provides a common platform for all these devices to dump their data. And a common language for all the devices to communicate with each other.
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