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Discussion on: What software projects made you "wow" 🀯

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Ankit Tiwari

For me, it is going to be the VS Code Editor. It is an incredible piece of software. There are tons and tons of features baked into it but still its very simple to use.

The VS code dev team is phenomenal, they keep adding new features to it every month. Given how big and complex the application is, it is no easy feat to add major features every month.

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Adam Crockett • Edited on

Vscode always reminds me of the early iPhone adverts "there's an app for that" catchphrase.

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Forest Hoffman

I've actually said, "oh, there's an extension for that" at work before 🀣

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Tyler V. (he/him)

This is an excellent answer! VS Code has a je ne sais quoi about it that makes it so wonderful to work with!

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Kyle Boe

Agreed. One of the most insane part of VS Code for me is how quickly it went from being a laughing stock to the de-facto editor.

Low-key shout out to Satya Nadella.

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Jithin KS


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Massimo Artizzu

Coming from Atom, I was pretty confident that making a modern, reliable and fast IDE based on Electron was basically impossible, if not even the creators of Electron could do it.

Glad I've been proven wrong.

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Nathan K. Campbell

one could say the same thing about GitHub Desktop which is woefully lacking - thankfully GitKraken is pretty great

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Elliot Derhay

Heck yes, especially for those who prefer to see the graph.

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Ben Halpern Author

The wow factor was so clear for early adoptors of VSCode and that was what really got my attention in the first place. It wasn't any one feature, it was the observation that people just loved it.

Wrote a bit about that way back.

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Dave Jacoby • Edited on

I found a bug in it. From the command line, if a filename could be interpreted as a number, it would be. For me, it was 2551.e12456872, which, as it turns out, is scientific notation.

Once I reported it, they pegged it as a Minimist issue, and the fix came out in ... < 2 weeks?

Which raises my opinion of the program and the team. +1.