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Timer in GitHub CLI

The new GitHub CLI 2.0 includes extensions now.

I always wanted to have a timer or stopwatch in my terminal. This will allow me to use it to timebox my tasks and increase my productivity by minimizing switching from a terminal to a different timer application, like browser, and back to terminal.
It will be also cool if this timer can be big enough on the screen, so I can use it as a timer for my demo sessions to let attendees know how much time left for a break.

So, I decided to build it as a GitHub CLI extension. This will allow me to use it easily in all of my machines.

You can find it on GitHub:

How to install

First of all you have to install GitHub CLI 2.0, if you don't have it yet. Install GitHub CLI now.

After that you can install gh-timer extension:

gh extension install anmalkov/gh-timer


gh timer [units] [number] [mode] [clock]


-s, --sec - seconds

-m, --min - minutes


-w, --stopwatch - use a stopwatch mode, otherwise use a timer mode


-b, --big - show a big clock, otherwise show a small clock

usage examples

gh timer -s 10
run a timer for 10 seconds

gh timer -m 5
run a timer for 5 minutes

gh timer -m 5 -b
run a timer for 5 minutes and show big clock

gh timer -m 60 -w
run a stopwatch for 1 hour

gh timer -h
show help

If you like it, please don't forget to give it a star on GitHub!

If you have any questions or would like to contribute - you are welcome to contact me!

See you soon.

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