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My first week as a (paid internship) dev

I should have posted this text last Friday. But here I am (finished my second week now).

I started learning programming (for real) in September of 2019. In October I decided it would be my career so I tried my first job. Of course things went very badly with the technical tests and everything. I didn’t deliver all the requisites, etc. But it was a company I really liked and where I wanted to work. The refusal without any kind of feedback CRUSHED me.

I was studying to get a job at that company. I saw their job description and studied the techs they wanted. But they didn’t want me. Well… I don’t blame them, I was naive to try it so soon.

But the lack of feedback even after I asked for one was very frustrating and that frustration made me slow down my studies very much. It took some weeks to get back on track. But I never returned as hungry as before.

Few months later, I sent two more resumès. This time for mobile development. Then I spent the week of the reveillon (my favorite time of the year) working on the job interview test using Android Studio for the first time, melting my brain, doing my best.

In January, I did my last interview. The CTO asked me what I had learned so far. I was sincere in my answers and, for my surprise, even with a lack of basic knowledge (I recognize it) I GOT A PAID INTERNSHIP! And the icing on the cake: in an even better company! I feel like they want me there. This is such a good feeling.

This was my first week. And I am loving it all. The process, the learning, the journey.

A dev career seems like a journey that never ends.

I couldn’t be happier and grateful. I can’t wait to learn more.

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