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I created my first app!

Yesterday I developed my first app! I did a v0 without screens (it works only in the command line) but it records infos into database!!! A huge advance in my studies.

Last Friday and Saturday I was having a difficult time trying to learn frameworks. It was a frustrating process. I wanted so bad to create at least a minimal version of "Let's Go Out!" so I paused learning frameworks. Then with the orientation of my dev husband Vinicius Munhoz I created my first app! The picture below is the plan he made to help me develop the app. We did it all on Sunday morning.

I used Python language, a library to connect it with the database and postgreSQL using pgAdmin4. The happiness is huge. It is a big milestone for me and a bit of motivation and self confidence.

Of course I want to develop this idea, add features, do a better database structure and learn to use frameworks (I didn't give up on them!). I know there is still a lot of knowledge that I need. Little by little I will learn and grow. 🤓

See Let's Go Out v.0 on GitHub:

letsgooutv0It is in portuguese.

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That's great! Keep it up! And don't worry too much about frameworks, you'll get there.

Are you planning on adding a user interface to your app?

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annamunhoz • Edited

Thank you! Yes, I'm. I think I have to learn JavaScript and CSS although I'm not really interesting in it right now. I saw this jr job offer for backend and I really want it. So I was thinking in learning more about database then trying to learn a framework again. But my cousin is dying to teach me React. haha