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Mount google drive mac easy and quickly with CloudMounter

There is a lot of different cloud storage software on the marketplace. Many users face the problem of using more than one cloud storage. Consequently, it’s worth it to use a cloud storage manager that lets you access all your different files in the clouds through a single interface.

And definitely, one of the best tools for cloud storage appeared in the market - Cloudmounter. CloudMounter is a secure and high-quality cloud storage manager with a flexible set of features. CloudMounter allows you to mount Google Drive Mac and Windows accounts with them without any effort.

CloudMounter gives a chance to connect two Google Drive accounts on one computer or mobile device and also manage multiple cloud storage services together in a single interface, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Box, and other popular cloud drives. Thus, you can manage files across different accounts or different cloud drives freely, securely, and also efficiently.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. CloudMounter allows you to add multiple accounts, as well as transfer files from Google Drive to another account or transfer them from Dropbox to Google Drive and have them easily accessible from Finder at the same time.

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