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What am I doing?! - A logbook

Hi there! I‘m Ann-Kathrin, the new one. The Baby. The Noob. I‘m a dietician and linguist who fell in love with coding about a year ago, when my son was just a tiny baby. How time passes!

Why this?

I have decided to track my learning-journey inside this community. For one, to hold myself accountable and also because my self-doubts could definitely use a kick in the butt! (I read this community can be supportive…😬) I mean, from the moment I started learning, playing around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python I knew that this is something I want to do. So complex and yet so fulfilling to learn. It’s the first time I’m doing something that could possibly one day earn me a living and it feels light and easy. Not all the time but most of the time. And that’s a massive improvement! Not having to push myself everyday to learn and to practice is such a pleasure.

Never let your doubts… (🤢 cheesy but correct)

Again and again during the last year I have let my doubts hold me back. What a waste of time! And this is the most important (yet cheesy) thing I took away from this so far. Never again will I let doubts and pondering keep me from doing things I like. How far could I be now had I spent my free time last year coding, not just thinking about it? Well, moving forward now.

What is there so far?

By now I know the basics of HTML and CSS with Flexbox (tried out a few simple websites to practise, thanks to Daniel Scott and his team at bringyourownlaptop - Dan is an amazing teacher. Although Designer not Developer, his class gave me courage!) with some Bootstrap coming. Then some more yet unknown to me CSS Concepts trough freeCodeCamp. Transferring this into a small project of my own will be the next task.
On the side I am learning basic concepts of programming languages like JavaScript and Python through an App just to get familiar with the Vocabulary and the way of thinking. All of this whenever my not-so-tiny-anymore favourite human being is asleep. I still need to figure out how to professionalise this behemoth of a journey a little more.

I’m planning to post about my progress every other week. Can’t wait to see where I am at in 5 posts time.

Have a great two weeks, guys! Here, there’s spring coming out just now 🌸☀️🍻 Something small to enjoy while the world is still burning…

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