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I‘m tired 🥱

Hi there! It’s Wednesday again (well, at least for another ten minutes where I live) and two weeks ago I started writing about my codeucational journey in this community. AND I almost forgot to post today. Yeah… implementing routines takes time. 🙈

So how‘s it going?

Slow. I think that’s the right word. With only a few hours to spare every day and for these having to choose between sleep/break and studying/practicing it is hard to stay on track. I mean I expected this but it is still unnerving me (as usual) when I can’t go about things at the pace I would like. I think I could use some professional help or better: instruction in order to keep this structured and up to standard.

Looking into remote bootcamp-style classes

To start: I can’t afford a full bootcamp. Timewise AND monywise. Impossible. And to be frank: It’s a jungle out there and the deeper I get in the more brilliant the marketing becomes. I mean the more I read, the less I think most of them are actually worth my scarce personal resources.
I would have to find a class with real professionals as instructors and REAL help in the form of building a legit portfolio and interview training. Is there anything like that out there?

As for my second big obstacle: My only way to pay for that unicorn-Class would be ridiculously low monthly instalments for about half of my remaining lifetime or an ISA which I read is something like a Faustian trade-off. Do you guys have any experience in this? Any recommendations? I might just have to stay on the self-teaching track.🤷🏻‍♀️

Did I learn anything new these last two weeks?

Not much new to be honest… I finished my first little project with freeCodeCamp and sort of cemented some more HTML and CSS concepts into my head. And I got started on some very basic JavaScript concepts like building variables (Do you even say it like this?) and arrays. And I started reading a German book on the subject to actually get an overview of what I learned so far and pick up some of that German coding vocabulary.

My little one is again in one of these developmental stages where sleep for his parents (including me, obviously) becomes a luxury. No talk of additional parental mental load here that slows my head down.
It’s hard to get my brain to work in this state of constant exhaustion (sounds a little pathetic, but still no hyperbole here). But as these phases tend to pass quite quickly, I’ll just have to work with the resources I have, going from one day to another and see where I am at in two weeks time with my next post!

Until then! Good night and don’t forget to dream 💭🔥💙

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