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Do this when confused about what to spend your time on

There are days when we get confused by having too many choices. Confused about what we should learn. Because there are so many choices.

I recently came across a story which helped me clear my thoughts on this topic.

There once was a donkey. The donkey was hungry as well as thirsty. On one side there was water and on the other side there was food. The donkey kept on thinking which side to go first. At the end the donkey did not move and died.

What's the moral of the story?

Do not fall in the trap of short-term thinking. Think long term and plan long term.

I am currently 27 years old. There is a lot left to live. I like this website It shows me exactly how much assuming average life expectancy.

I am on week 1,451 of 4,732 of my life.
If it takes 50 weeks to become advanced at any skill, I can learn about 44 new skills during my career. 64 if I include retirement.

We live in the age of instant gratifications and our attention spans have shortened. This has led to us thinking short term. Instead of planning for a few years we plan as we are going to die next week.

There would always be a need to balance short term and long term efforts. But we should not get confused between what is for short term and what is for long term.

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Very fantastic talk. That's the situation i am spending. Hope i will get back to trac again.

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Aseem Bansal

I hope you do. Best luck with that.