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Right now I would like some clear but fun little exercises in vanilla javascript. YouTube just doesn't seem to have enough and I'm always looking for things to program without it being too difficult for a total beginner like me who dont want to constantly go through the boring read of variables etc. I just wanna understand things through doing them! It's more fun learning something if you get something out of it.


Hey Austin, I've really been enjoying the Wia tutorials. That said, it seems like many of them assume a pre-existing familiarity with the Wia platform.

I think it would be really helpful to write up tutorials that start with the fundamentals of internet-enabled hardware: introducing some beginner-friendly projects, describing different hardware starter kits, etc. From there, you can talk about how to get that hardware connected online using different approaches — including using Wia.

That might help some beginners to hardware projects, such as myself, understand and appreciate the magic and value-proposition of the platform. Hope that helps!

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Spoof a commit on GitHub. From Anyone.

The "Author" of a Git commit can easily be faked. Prevent this by signing your commits.

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