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Some GitHub Terms You Should Know!

GitHub is one of the most used hosting platform for version control and collaboration, we must have heard about the terms like repo and PR in your coding career what do they mean, or simply put what do they even mean to us? here are a few Github terms you must know!

Repository (Repo)

it is a directory that stores all of the files and folders you used to build the project and it also stores the changes made to the project.


commit is a change that you bring to your program, it can be adding, removing, modifying code or files from your project.

Local and Remote

your project will have two independent repos one which is offline is called Local and one which is hosted online on platforms like GitHub or GitLab is Remote

Pull, Push or Fetch

to synchronize your project between local and remote we use these three operations.

Pull - pull changes from remote to local

Push - push changes from local to remote

Fetch - only downloads new data but doesn't integrate it to your working project in local


they basically divert you from the mainline of development, so that you can fix the bug or build a new feature and then merge it back without messing up the main code.

Pull Request

it is simply a way of telling people that you want the changes you made in the branch to get included in Main Code.

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