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Adding Emoji 🔥 to your terminal

Anthony Delgado on October 24, 2017

If you are staring at a terminal all day coding, it is important to customize and personalize your work environment as much as possible. Besides ch... [Read Full]
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I'll stick to something without emojies on Linux. They don't look good enough to use them (they are monochrome).


It's not about fonts. Colored emoji ain't a thing on Linux atm, though IIRC Gnome has fixed that somehow, but I don't use Gnome.


Anyone having issues with the line not wrapping properly? I'm getting a bug like this:

But instead of the issue coming from color codes, it seems to be the emoji causing the problem. Not sure what to do about that.


Found it! At least in iTerm2!

If you open you preferences and go to "Profiles→Text" and then switch on "Use Unicode Version 9 Widths" (It's on the right side) then the issue will be gone!



Did you manage to fix this problem? I finally figured out this was caused by the Emoji's I've been using, but not a lot of people seem to experience this problem.


I always have been wondering what the advantage is of using emoji's in the terminal. I just prefer to use ANSI colored text. Biggest reason for myself: it gives me the possibility to share my dot files with many different platforms where I work on.

Still, it kinda looks cool. Just how @ben has a wonderful little unicorn.


How did you do this? Mind if I ask? Its my first time customizing my terminal though :)



Hey, sorry I didn't saw you comment. Did you manage to do this or do you still need help?

Nope, unfortunately. Do you mind if I ask? Or can I see it on how you do it? It seems cool terminal🔥


Just do source .bash_profile to have the file reloaded. :)

I'm using emojis to display the status of the repo in the prompt, like stashed files, uncommitted one's, etc. :)


Hi, Stephanie !
How do yo display the status of the stashed files, uncommitted one's, etc ?
Can you share those lines of code with us, please ?

Thanks !!!, Have a great day !!!


This is cool! Any ideas on how to do this in iTerm?


It does not depend on what terminal are you using (unless it’s ancient VT100.) It’s a shell property, everything should work smoothly in iTerm.


Oops, I got so used to it that I forgot that I had oh my zsh installed. Changed it in the theme there. Thanks, super rad!


How are terminals handling the fact that emoji aren't the same width as the other characters? This is the main reason(also, they're greyscale) I don't use them in my terminal (gnome-terminal).

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