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Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez

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There's more than just code in the developer

Hello, I am Antonio, I am 21 years old I was born, grew up and still live in Venezuela, my English is not perfect so I am sorry if there is something written in a bad way (google traslate is helping me :D).

For my first post I honestly did not want to write something directly technical, first because I am still learning and I do not think I have much to teach for now, however there is something that if I feel that I can contribute here, (I hope I do not skip any rules of the community for writing this post).


Learning to program is not difficult, the difficult thing is to program your mind to develop.


Well, this conclusion is mine, it is not an absolute truth, much less do you have to agree.

Behind all code there is a story and I do not mean the code but the person who wrote it, it was a person or groups of people from different places, different cultures of different thoughts, of a different life ... but the Chance of fate I prepare each one in their own way to achieve a mission and help others.

It was not easy for anyone to get that I am sure, in some cases you have to learn another language and learn with few resources and sometimes you will even have to change country to look for an opportunity... However, something that you do not know very well what it is makes you continue with this and this path is beautiful, it is full of uncertainty, ignorance and sometimes disappointment but one thing is certain is that if you stay immobile you will never have a chance at anything.

I really feel that programming is the most beautiful career, I met her recently and fell in love with her, without understanding her I knew what she wanted, so I am studying every day to learn and at some point, understand her.

I repeat myself, programming is not difficult, the difficult thing is to understand me, understand what my difficulties are, understand what my shortcomings are, what are my learning methods and above all what is my way of living, because at the end of the day, behind all code there are people, like you and me.

pd: my next post if it will be something technical programming, I love this website, thanks to all who are here.

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