How to build your own private cloud on AWS part 2

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Hi! In the previous part, we have created our own private cloud using VPC on AWS. If you haven't read it, make sure you do, before starting this article.

So let's test our VPC. I created 3 EC2 instances in 3 different subnets, as you can see below:

Alt Text

Appus-isolated-subnet-B and Appus-private-subnet-A do not have a public IP address, they only have private ones - and

So let's log into our instance that has a public IP address and try to ping Google.
I have logged into my instance and sent some packages to Google, and as we can see it has an Internet connection:

Alt Text

Let's log into our Appus-private-subnet-A instance through a private IP address. Using the ssh command we can log into it "ssh -i your_key.pem ubuntu@your_private_ip". Now we can ping any host.

Alt Text

As we can see, it is connected to the Internet through the NAT server. But the Internet can not ping our instance since it has no public IP address. So let's exit this server and log into an isolated server.
Using the ssh command we can log into an isolated server - "ssh -i your_key.pem ubuntu@your_private_ip". If we try to ping any Internet host there will be no packages received.

Alt Text

This is it, I hope this article was helpful for you!


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