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Add Animation over your favorite Terminal in GNU/Linux.

I've always wanted to animate my konsole with an animation over it's title bar. I searched everywhere but I can't find a program for that. That's why I've created spirit. It is a small program written in C++ which overlays a gif over your terminal. This is only available currently for KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE, Mate and other major X11 based Desktop Environments for Gnu/Linux.

There are plans to support Windows and Mac in the future.

Quick Start

 $ wget ""
 $ chmod +x spirit
 $ ./spirit init # That's it.
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Now you should have a animation over your terminal window. You should restart your terminal to take full effect.

Terminate the Application

 $ ./spirit deinit
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The above command will stop spirit, you can just delete the binary if you don't need spirit in your system.

Animation Change on Error Command.

When you execute error command in the terminal the gif will change. This can be used as a visual indicator when compiling code.


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Ricardo Sueiras

Nice 👍

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Antony Jr


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OMG window sitters!
This takes me back. Now i just need an exact winamp clone and a pixel cat chasing my mouse.