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Hacktober Fest

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

It's really amazing experience. you have to remember that if you are an open-source contributor you must work on the critical sections that help people lighten their work more. It also deals with the benefit of one inner self too. This hacktober help me to contribute libraries like Pandas which help in ML develops and data scientists to work over datasets. I am really happy that my work now helps people around the globe. I also contribute one advanced algorithm library which contains all the algorithms. remember "you are not alone in this world of tech there is someone who holds you not make you fall down" It's up to you how you see that help.
Do Remember thing

  1. Contribute to the robust project is ok but contributing to a project which has more issues to make your work more and stretch your limits.
  2. Try to resolve issues in code. Contributing to documentation and MarkDown files is not that much help you to be a developer.
  3. If you are a developer try to implement things and make them useful for others.

want any help :
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