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Google's 25 million Datasets - A Perfect Gift for Aspiring Data Scientists

Data Science and Machine Learning are two of the most fascinating fields of this century. Also, the hottest career option that millions of millennials out there dreams to have.  And why not, these two fields are the ones that offer the highest salaries among all.

But, as it is always said, there are always some hindrances whenever you're on the path of doing something great. And the same is the case when you think of becoming a top player in either of these two fields.

So, let's talk about the biggest barrier that people have to deal with in these two fields.

More often than not, IT practitioners find themselves deprived of open-source data sets to utilize for their different purposes. Be it for research work or working on some projects, this has been an ongoing issue for a long time now. But not anymore.

Yes, you read that right. You will never ever have to face this difficulty again. You now have free access to more than 25 million data sets. Shocked? Surely you are. You might be wondering that who actually made this happen? So, who else than the biggest player in these two fields, Google

Google publicly released its new dataset search tool on the 23rd of January 2020. Google's dataset search tool is a free tool for searching more than 25 million publicly available datasets. 

The search tool is designed such that it has filters to limit results based on their license (free or paid), format (CSV, images, etc), and update time. Apart from that, the results include descriptions of the dataset’s contents as well as the author references.

Whether be it Machine Learning or Data Science, you're fed with enough datasets for whatever purpose you need it for. Your search for the right dataset while researching Machine Learning or Data Science projects is now made soothing. Because to build accurate models, you need a huge amount of data and these datasets are released keeping the same in mind.

So, do you wanna have access to the top datasets of Machine Learning separately? If YES, then here's the perfect gift for you.
(You will thank me anyway even if your answer is No also. Lol)

Since creating a dataset of your own isn't everyone's cup of tea. That's the reason why we need free datasets to get our work done. Generally, we need these for either research purposes or for working on some projects.

But, here's another issue that comes along your way. You now have enough datasets but still cannot think of a perfect project idea to try hands-on these datasets. Isn't it? Don't worry. I have been through the same and have an answer for it.

Here are some of the top Machine Learning and Data Science projects that are handpicked and designed by industry experts.

NOTE: The Source Code is included with all these projects.

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for the great post you posted. I like the way you describe the unique content. The points you raise are valid and reasonable. If any of the final year students are looking for the machine learning projects for students.