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Nevertheless, Anuradha Coded!

Happy International women's day

I have been coding

since 8.5 years now, and I am going on strong.

It has been a terrific journey so far - from being born in a remote area of India where no one even thought girls could dream, to being the first kid of my village to go to a proper school, first of my generation to do engineering and become a software engineer.

Yes, not the first girl but the first one, paving the way for everyone else.

My recent achievements

  • being recognized as a Google developers Expert and Microsoft MVP
  • Speaking at amazing events like DevFest India, NextJS conf, React India conf, Devfest UKI, Google I/O Extended, GDSC WOW, CityJS and many more...
  • mentoring at Women Developers Academy, Europe and Road to GDG programs
  • Creating content on my YouTube channel for web accessibility and career guidance

Throughout my career as a women in tech, I have been fighting and try to overcome

  • imposter syndrome
  • being passed on over promotions and other opportunities
  • my voice and my opinions discarded as not important
  • inappropriate gender-based judgements
  • demotivation
  • lower pay

Advocating for myself looks like

  • speaking up for myself, voicing my concerns
  • not settling for less

I pledge to support women, non-binary folks, and other minorities in tech by

  • To guide and help them realize and reach their potential
  • Motivate and create way for all who come after me
  • Support and amplify our voices

This journey has not been easy, but totally worth it

A lot barriers I broke, challenges I overcame and milestones I am proud of.

And I did not do that alone, I had my allies supporting me at each step: my parents, my brothers and few incredible friends all along the way.

I would like to thank

everyone who supports, guides and motivates the women, non-binary and the underrepresented people. You are making a difference, a positive impact and you should know that you are appreciated.

I would like to applaud each and every women

We are facing barriers and climbing mountains that might be invisible to many others, and we keep on fighting, keep on winning, and keep on moving forward.

Shine on

Once again,

Happy International women's day to all of us 👸

We are the Queens: strong, compassionate, beautiful, ambitious and everything that we want to be.

Let's own our crown and shine on ✨

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