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5 Reasons to use Node-js along with React-js

Always been wondering how and why do we use node js along with react js? Well same here but I can list down the very needed five reasons every web developer thinks about before starting their work on building a website.

P.S: Trying not to make this post boring because React can never be boring that too plus node it is just going to be dope 🔥. So what are we waiting for? Let's get right into it.

1) Helps in maintaining high server load

Yeah you heard it right, having node with your react project makes it super easy for the server to maintain server requests as node can handle multiple server requests, on top of that it helps in maintaining the server load balance.

2) Helps in maintaining dynamic website

Dynamic websites are those websites that have to maintain a real-time database, and to manage those kinds of websites "react+node" helps a lot, in short your problem for the front-end plus back-end can be resolved using these two combos for sure.

3) Helps in creating single page applications easily

Single page applications like Gmail, Facebook can be easily made using node and react. Here react provides a very interactive UI/UX whereas the node provides a very simple back-end model.

4) Helps in building JSON for your APIs

JSON files stands for JavaScript object notation, it helps in transmitting data between website and a server. APIs are used in programming an application, as a developer you have to talk to the users for certain inputs and also with the program application to give specific output for that input. Now node helps in creating reusable code and this code gets shareable using react.

5) Helps while creating MERN stack applications

The web applications that use mongoDB, express.js, react.js and node.js. Using this we can create applications like e-commerce websites, banking websites and many more. React plus node will help us in building such applications with ease.

Ending this post with a reminder to take care of yourselves and keep coding ❤️

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