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Java Full Stack Web Developer Skills to Master

Introduction to Full Stack Development

A full stack developer is basically a person who has knowledge on both the front-end and back-end web development. He should be familiar with programming languages that are used to develop a web application from scratch. The demand for web developers is increasing as everything has become digital and everyone is dependent on websites. So, developing skills related to full stack web development can help you get plenty of opportunities at your desk.

Difference between Front-end and Back-end

The front-end is where the users interact with the visible part of the website and the back-end is the place where all the programming is done to make the website responsive and fully functional. The combination of both front-end and back-end is known as full stack development and the person who has knowledge of different programming languages used in full stack development is known as full stack developer.

Who is a Java Full Stack Developer?

A Java Full Stack developer is responsible for implementing full stack development activities in combination with Java. A full stack java development suite consists of Java, JSP Servlets, Hibernate, Angular, SQL, Java web-service, Restful API, Spring, Spring boot and more.

Below are some of the important skills required for a Java Full Stack Developer:


HTML and CSS are basic elements of web development. HTML consists of tags and other elements that support the content of a website and CSS is used for styling and designing a website.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a lightweight text based programming language used on both the client and server side for creating interactive web pages. Developers require complete knowledge of JavaScript to efficiently perform the script without any errors. JavaScript also includes many features like prototypes, functions, etc. Developers are required to have their skills upgraded on JavaScript as the Frameworks, tools and libraries keep upgrading with each software release.

3. Angular

Angular is a framework for creating applications using HTML and TypeScript. It is used to create dynamic web applications and prepare your web development environment to create amazing websites with a popular framework called Angular. A full stack developer will use angular for routing, event handling, component interaction, and create different types of forms.

4. Java

Java is crucial for backend programming and it can be used for multiple platforms like web, mobile, and desktop applications. In java full stack development the interaction of all the applications and frameworks is with Java. So, you should have knowledge of keywords, operators, classes, objects, modifiers, exceptions, collections, file handling, annotations, threads, etc.

5. Spring

Spring is a popular framework based on java and used for application development. Spring framework is used for creating better performance, easily testable and reusable code.

6. HTTP & Rest

Http and Rest are responsible for two different purposes. Http is a short form of Hypertext transfer protocol which is used to communicate with the client and rest can be abbreviated as representational state transfer which acts as an interface between systems with HTTP protocol. Rest is used to perform various operations and gather data.

7. APIs and Libraries

If you are looking to gain overall knowledge on the Java Ecosystem then you should be aware of the vast java library list and the API forms. You should have knowledge on APIs like XML, JSON and Unit testing libraries.

The above mentioned skills are technical skills required for a Java Full stack web developer and there are many other internal skills related to technical and some with non-technical which need to be mastered like Softskills, Designing skills, Creative Thinking, Sense of UI UX, etc.

Career in Java Full Stack Development

By going through all the required skills you may have got an idea on what all skills are required and the importance of learning full stack development. Now, you will have an overview of the career aspects of Java Full stack Development.

Companies hiring Java Full Stack Developers:

Below listed are some of the top companies hiring for Java Full Stack Developers:

  • Metadesign Solutions

  • Multidots

  • Peerbits

  • Konstant Info Solutions

  • Pixel Point Technology
  • Salary of a Full Stack Developer:

    According to Ziprecruiter, the pay of a Java FUll Stack Developer in the United States is $119,892 per Annum. In India the salary ranges from 6-8 Lakhs per Annum.

    So, what are you waiting for, get yourself enrolled in Java Full Stack Training at Sudaksha Education and Get started with building your skills.

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