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My Favorite Resources for Learning GraphQL

I recently held a Twitter Space where I discussed how I learned GraphQL during my first few months as a developer advocate here at Apollo. I went over the strategies I used which can be really helpful regardless of what language, framework, or tool you’re learning on the job. If you're interested in checking out the recording, I’ll leave a link at the end of this article.

For now, I want to focus more on what I used to learn GraphQL. So here’s a quick list of my favorite resources for learning GraphQL. This list includes courses, videos, tutorials, and more. So no matter your preferred medium for educational content, you’ll find something that fits your style.

1. What is GraphQL YouTube Video

If you don’t know much about GraphQL or what problems it solves, this is a great video to start with. It covers the fundamentals of how GraphQL works and how developers benefit from using it.

2. GraphQL Odyssey Course

This is the main course I relied on when I was first learning GraphQL. This is free and it includes tons of great information and interactive coding exercises. And once you finish all 5 modules, you get a certificate!

3. GraphQL Is for Everyone Workshop

I was able to attend this workshop shortly after joining Apollo and it was amazing! This workshop is led by Eve Porcello and I love the way she teaches. All the information is delivered in a fun and approachable style. This is a great workshop to attend especially if you’re completely new to GraphQL.

4. GraphQL Email Newsletter

This email newsletter is also created by Eve Porcello. It’s an easy, low-stakes way to learn more about GraphQL. I’m a huge fan of Eve’s teaching style and this email course is just as great as everything else she creates.

5. Full Stack GraphQL Tutorial

This Full Stack GraphQL tutorial is a great way to start building with GraphQL. I’m a huge proponent of project-based learning. But it can be intimidating to start a project with a new language all on your own. So this is a great way to have a guided learning experience as you begin working with GraphQL.

6. Everything I Learned in My 1st Year as a SWE: GraphQL Article

I really enjoyed this article because hearing the perspective of another GraphQL newbie really resonated with me. It was nice to read about parts of Camila’s learning journey that mirrored my own. It also helped me to recognize areas of confusion that I, as a developer advocate and GraphQL educator, could help fill.

7. Getting Started with GraphQL Article

This is an article that’s quite similar to this one. It includes an explanation of what GraphQL is and additional resources for learning. Shruti is a pillar in the GraphQL community so I’m sure you’ll find something useful in that article.

8. GraphQL Glossary

I have to include this glossary because it was so helpful for me! I used it as a handy reference along with my courses and tutorials so I could easily check my understanding of unfamiliar terminology.


If you have any recommendations for GraphQL learning resources, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Like I said, these are resources that I personally used and enjoyed. I’m sure that there are so many more out there.

If you’re interested in actual learning tips, you can listen to the recording of the Twitter Space. I plan on doing more Spaces about GraphQL, developer advocacy, and working at Apollo. So let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for reading💜

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MetroNorth Rider

Good list! You mentioned Eve Porcello. Her book was my primary resource when I started learning GraphQL two years ago.