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Front-End vs Back-End Development: What is the core difference?

What does the front-end or back-end mean in the web or mobile app development project? If these two words come back too many times before the development phase, then it is because they are particularly important in the development of a digital project by app development companies.

Take the example of designing a web app. Imagine that your application development company would like to develop a BBB exchange and file sharing application, among a public accountant, for example, and a contractor. To work, your app will require a user interface for the accountant's client and an admin interface, which will be the accountant's interface.

To develop such an application, you will need at least two types of developers: front-end developers and back-end developers. To understand where they interfere, and what a reputable app development company represents back-end and front-end in the web project, let's stay on the example.

Front-end Development: Designing the Graphical User Interface

The two interfaces, on which accountants and expert clients will interact, are considered front-end. In fact, it is the visual part of the application, whose purpose is to manipulate it by a third party.

So do not confuse "front-end" and "back-end" with "client interface" and "admin panel". In both the first and second graphic designs, it is a front-end developer's skill, which will be required.

In fact, it will give the graphics space that will allow the end user to find their way around the interface and make it easy. He will also develop dialogue, animation, responsive design ... he will work in conjunction with at least one web designer and, ideally, an UX specialist to give an ergonomic and fun interface.
The skills of front-end developers are minimal.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

It can also trust the following settings:

  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Semantic UI
  • Pure

The list is complete. There are a large number of libraries and settings, with some specialties that make their reputation: Lightness, ergonomics UX, type of project, in any case, usually a framework for the development of front end of an application Choice will be required in its design, for issues of cost, time and security.

Back-end development: Keystone of web application

If a back-end development team does not interfere with your web application then a good interface remains an empty shell. According to the specifications, the back-end developer team will work on developing the mobile application's functionality.
The work of back-end God is invisible to the end user, but without any interference, no applications. Back-end part will build, develop and interact with the three pillars required for the operation of the application:

  • Hosting server
  • Web Applications
  • Database

The server is the hard disk on which your application will be saved, front-end part All files that form a visible part of the page, design, your app.

The database is created by its back-end developer for its part, so that specific tables can be kept for all the data needed for the operation of the application (user ID, user rights, word password storage, etc.).

So that the database can be updated, modified, or integrated with the existing database of the element (for example new user), the back-end developer will use dynamic languages, the database with the application will add.
For this, back-end developers will use languages:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • SQL

For the same reasons as the front-end developer for reasons of cost, speed and profitability, back-end dev usually uses frameworks such as:

  • Symphony
  • Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular
  • Meteo

While PHP has historically been attributed to back-end development, this tendency is changing, especially with the rise of angular. Thus, it is not impossible for the back-end developer to move towards development in js. These profiles also have a lot of demand.

How do back end and front end developer support?

You have seen how, globally, the application projects, web or mobile work is done in every part. You know that front-end will worry about the visible and interactive part, but it is based on the work done by the front-end developer on the submerged part of the iceberg.
In particular, how do back-end and front-end developers support? Imagine that the accountant wants to be able to create a new client account, on the admin interface of your application.

It will follow the following route from the application:

  • To log in
  • Go to the add user page
  • To create a new user, fill out a form
  • Validate

In all these times, the accountant has used the work done on both the back end and the front end. Actually, to connect, the end user must interact with a form (front-end), which will query to verify the accuracy of the information entered in the database (back-end).

It will then goes to the user page and interact with the form to open a new user (front-end). He will then fill the form of the front-end, then, by validating it, will allow the form to create a new entry in the database, which will allow its client to connect to the user interface (back-end).

Back-end team and front-end team can work together in different ways. Front-end can focus on UI (user interface), especially on back-end development, which has already created all interaction with the database.

In other cases, focus on the functional development of the back-end development database. This data is then given to front-end developers who will use these calls in their code in the database.

Finally, the line is sometimes fine, in fact, between front-end developers and back-end developers. It is not uncommon for one to master the other part of the area because these two aspects of development are connected. There is also a third category of developers, capable of implementing their skills on both back-end and front-end: Full-Stack Developer

The full-stack developer's profile is sought after by all the app development companies and agencies as it has a broad spectrum of more global vision and skills in the project. She can also make an excellent consultant, because of her own ability to keep herself in front-end developer or back-end shoes.

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