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Free CBD (code behavior diagrams) for developers

It’s thrilling to see our free and open source interactive code analysis tools continue to gain traction.

Some of our ideas have actually been repeated on other blogs and with other products. Imitation is flattering, so we just want to keep on rolling and keep things positive. No bummer vibes here, it's all good.

But it can be challenging to continue shipping dope visualizations and fresh ideas...

We’ve been thinking a lot about how to differentiate our interactive code analysis product from other tools in the market, particularly static code analysis tools for codebases.

Because it’s so important that our projects aren’t confused with other tools that do very different things. If you’re a developer, the last thing we want to do is cause you any more pain or stress around tooling!

So, here’s the gist on what AppMap is and how it differs from other dev tools in the ecosystem:

  1. It’s free, open source and community-driven.
  2. It shows both code organization and runtime traces.
  3. It’s built on an open data format, so you can extend it with your own code and ideas.
  4. No signup or subscription required! You can use AppMap 100% client-side.

Or think of it this way: AppMaps are Code Behavior Diagrams. They’re CBD! FreeCBD for Ruby, Python and Java developers! Get your FreeCBD from AppMap today!

FreeCBD for devs records code execution at runtime and presents this data in a variety of useful diagrams and analyses.

Unlike with static code analysis, which inspects only source code and only against a given set of rules or standards, FreeCBD analyzes an entire application (including the code in your dev environment). Also unlike static analysis, FreeCBD observes the code’s interaction with all system components and records code behavior during the execution of any business logic scenarios.

We’re really proud of what we’re building, and we couldn’t do it without the support and participation of our wonderful community. Take a cue from some of our community members and start understanding new codebases, getting familiar with code you didn’t write and debugging complex apps -- all while staying super stress-free and happy.

And please help us spread the word! Our dank FreeCBD is here to make developers’ most vibe-crushing work a whole lot more chill. 😉

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