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Hacktoberfest 2021: Let the Contributions Begin!

Time indeed does fly because it feels just like yesterday when we hosted our first ever Hacktoberfest last year! And what a year it has been.

We started Appsmith because we wanted to create a developer-first product to make an engineer’s life easy. From being a small, little-known project on Github, we now have 5K stars. This wouldn’t have been possible without our community; apart from giving us incredible feedback, they also contributed immensely to our codebase, from contributing new integrations to helping solve bugs.

We now have over 100 contributors, and we want to expand our community (that means you!), empowering them to contribute to a project that will always remain developer-first. And so, we’re back again this year for an exciting month-long virtual festival supporting open-source projects. We love it because it’s celebratory and community-oriented! At Appsmith, we genuinely believe open-source can take the way we build things to new heights. And our commitment to the community will never waver. 

In that spirit, we are kicking off the Hacktoberfest 2021. In the run-up to the actual code-fest, there are going to be many talks! We will be bringing together folks from other awesome projects to talk about Hacktoberfest and Open Source. Be sure to check these out. You will definitely get to learn more about how to get involved in open-source projects. And yes! We’re ready to swag it out, too, for every valid PR! And contributors who submit more than 4 PRs and invite others to contribute to our repository will get a special prize.

You are welcome to contribute to the issues on Appsmith’s repository on Github. Be sure to check contribution guidelines, review, and merge policies. Please note that not all pull requests will count towards Hacktoberfest 2021.

Contributing to open-source projects is an excellent way for users to become contributors. And it’s both a fun and rewarding experience. Sure, it can be scary to begin, and many think that only code that implements significant features matters. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not true. We believe that no contribution is too small. Bug fixes, documentation updates, submitting articles are all fantastic ways of participating.

Hacktoberfest is open to all: Students, developers, anyone really. Background no bar.

To this end, this year, we’ve included several newbie-friendly issues in the challenge to give a warm welcome to first-timers. If you’ve still got some doubts about participating or need some queries answered, head over to our Hacktoberfest channel on Discord, and we will be happy to help you out!  To know more about how you can participate in this event, take a look at our Contributor Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Happy Hacking! 🐱‍💻

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